Laura of All the Colorado Things featured the Snowy Range in her blog post, "Wyoming's Best Kept Secret."  Follow along her surprise camping trip only 3 hours from Denver.



She says, "When you think of amazing beauty and hiking in Wyoming, most people go straight to the Grand Tetons or Yellowstone but let me tell you about Medicine-Bow National Forest. Medicine-Bow National Forest is Wyoming’s best-kept secret. It is a true hidden gem with scenery on par with some of Colorado’s most beautiful landscapes.

Snowy Range, located in Medicine-Bow National Forest, will make you feel like you just hiked 10 miles into the Rocky Mountains, except you can view it from your car along the main road. The area is filled with flats, mountains, lakes, quartz stone, wildflowers, hiking trails, and all the things one would never expected to see just 3 hours from Denver in Wyoming.

Let’s dive in!"

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