Get Cultured in Laramie, the Gem City of the Plains

Where do arts, culture, history, and adventure collide? Laramie, Wyoming! Come to Laramie for the adventure, stay for the culture.

When you think of Laramie, you might think of the wide-open spaces, mountain vistas, beloved sports teams, and opportunities to explore. But look just a bit further, and you’ll find a rich scene of arts, culture, history, and delicious food. With just over 30,000 residents, the “Gem City” has quickly become the cultural capital of Wyoming.

This itinerary has been created in partnership with Visit USA Parks.


Explore Downtown Laramie


Laramie’s historic downtown is the centerpiece of the city. There’s so much to do and see while exploring downtown – here are a few tips to help you get started! 

Before you hit the town, consider following the Historic Downtown Laramie Walking tour. On the tour, you’ll learn about the places where Laramie’s first citizens and outlaws lived and worked, and how they made their mark on the town. Many of the historic buildings are now occupied by coffee shops, restaurants, boutiques, taverns, and art galleries!  



Artists have painted the town in the heart of downtown Laramie, bringing vibrancy to its walls both old and new! The Laramie Mural Project began in 2011. To date, the project has supported the creation of more than 20 murals in the heart of Laramie’s historic downtown! Every mural was painted by a local artist. The murals highlight the vibrant history of the area and its natural wonders all the while celebrating the spirit of Laramie today. Take the tour by foot, by bicycle, or by car – your choice! 

Along the way, keep your eyes out for Laramie’s architectural treasures. Laramie has a seemingly endless supply of beautiful homes in a wide variety of architectural styles: Victorian, Gothic Revival, Craftsman, Spanish Eclectic, and more! Many of the old homes still sport the bold paint colors characteristic of days past; another mark of the influence that creative minds have on the city. 

Celebrate like the Locals

Imbibing in Brewfest, Laramie, Wyoming

Every summer in July, Laramie has a week-long celebration of Western lifestyle: Jubilee Days and the Laramie Brewfest! During the celebration, the streets of downtown Laramie are packed with local vendors, live music, food trucks, craft beer from across Wyoming and Colorado, carnival rides, rodeo events, dancing, and more! Jubilee Days has been around since 1940 and has been a beloved event in the region ever since.

The Brewfest takes place at the Historic Train Depot, a vibrant extension of the Jubilee Days celebration. Proceeds from the Brewfest fund downtown improvement projects and public art initiatives like the Laramie Mural Project. If you can’t make it to Laramie on the day of the Brewfest, you’re still in luck—Laramie also has a self-guided Brew Tour, so you can visit anytime and immerse yourself in Laramie’s craft brewing scene at your leisure. 

Come Hungry, Leave Happy!

Dining Laramie Wyoming - Burger & Fries

Foodies will be excited to learn that Laramie has a food scene as rich as its history! Like any good western city, you’ll find quaint hometown diners, pizza, and delicious steakhouses, but Laramie didn’t stop there! Cuisine in Laramie ranges from hearty western-inspired meals to Thai, Japanese, Mexican, Italian, Korean BBQ, a beloved vegetarian cafe, and more. Save room for some of the craft beer, cheese, ice cream, and chocolate – if you can!

Dance the Night Away

On any given night, you’re likely to find live music in Laramie. Laramie’s music scene has created an exciting draw for artists both large and small. As the cultural capital of the state, Laramie has everything from intimate music venues for up-and-comers to big arena shows and performing arts events at the University of Wyoming. Drop in for a concert with a craft brew at the Alibi, dance the night away at the Buckhorn Bar, or plan ahead to catch a big-name country artist at The Cowboy Saloon. 

The Artist’s Touch

Laramie Community RT Downtown Many Hands Mural Art public art small

Laramie is proud to be the home of some of eastern Wyoming’s cultural crown jewels, including the University of Wyoming Art Museum. As you wander the University of Wyoming campus, you’ll be surrounded by historic buildings – the oldest dating back to 1886! The University’s art museum is a modern building that stands out amongst the old halls, lovingly nicknamed the “Cone on the Range” by students and faculty. The museum’s collection features works from around the world, along with a sizable collection of works with ties to Wyoming. Admission is free! 

There’s a constant stream of emerging creative thinkers, artists, musicians, and culinary artists that find themselves at home in the Gem City. Once you experience all of the adventure, live music, delicious food, history, and vibrant culture that Laramie has to offer, you might find yourself permanently at home in “Laradise,” too!

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