The Snowy Range Scenic Byway is now open. Expect snow to impact access to Medicine Bow Peak trailheads, Sugarloaf trailheads, Sand Lake Road, and high elevation campgrounds including Brooklyn Lake, Sugarloaf, and Silver Lake Campgrounds through June. Snow should clear by early- to mid-July and make way for alpine wildflowers. In the meantime, be prepared to camp and hike at lower elevations and enjoy the snow at high elevation.

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Nestled at the bottom of the Snowy Range Scenic Byway, this community is the gateway to the Snowy Range Mountains and is home to 300 residents. The town was originally formed to support the railroad and timber industries, and visitors can explore this history by visiting the Nici Museum. Centennial also serves as the ideal jumping-off point for those seeking outdoor adventure, offering abundant recreation opportunities for enthusiasts of all kinds all year round. 


Dining in Centennial is an experience all its own. In a small town, the locals have their favorite longtime watering holes and eateries, and you’re just as likely to find families in their snow pants as cowboys in their Wranglers.


At the base of the Snowy Mountain Range, the tiny town of Centennial is tucked just beneath the trees along the North Fork of the Little Laramie River.

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