Women's Suffrage

There’s more to Wyoming than the Wild West. As far back as territorial days, while men were breaking laws, women were making history. Stop by our historic museums and vibrant downtown to relive the history of the Equality State for the Year of Wyoming Women.

Laramie’s own Louisa Swain was the first woman to vote in Wyoming. The state has dedicated September 6th as Louisa Swain Day, the day she cast the first female vote under laws giving women and men fully equal voting rights in 1870 right in downtown Laramie. Mrs. Martha Symons Boies was the first woman in the world to be appointed a court bailiff of record. She was appointed to serve to the Laramie City, Wyoming court in March 1870. Additionally, six women were summoned on that day to sit alongside 10 men on the first female jury. This marked the first time in the history of the world that women were given the opportunity to serve their community in such a manner.

Stop by our office to pick up a free copy of the “Laramie, Wyoming Women who Made History” book, Votes for Women suffrage pins, Laramie’s women trailblazer postcards, and a copy of the Wyoming Women Coloring Book. There is also an excellent museum in downtown Laramie dedicated to the female trailblazers of Laramie and the state of Wyoming at the Wyoming Women's History House. Be sure to check their available tour hours online or by calling the museum.

Don't miss Laramie's must-see suffrage history locations below, along with the stories of 8 of Wyoming's changemakers for women's suffrage.

Suffrage History

Tour Sites

Breakin' Through

  • 222 S. 22nd St.
  • (307) 766-6300

The sculpture is displayed at the south entrance to War Memorial parking lot north of the Gateway Center.

Hidden Figures Alley

  • 41.3114027, -105.5942951

Started in 2015 in the alley between 211 Grand Avenue and 218 Ivinson Avenue, this project is a collaborative effort between several artists to hide lesser-known local...

Wyoming Women's History House

  • 317 S. 2nd St.
  • (307) 399-9571

Learn about Wyoming's changemakers at the Wyoming Women's History House. Located in downtown Laramie, Wyoming, you can tour the Wyoming Women’s History House for a small...

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