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If you’re looking for a vibrant college town full of endless outdoor adventure, rich in western history, and overflowing with art and culture, look no further. The Laramie area’s unique blend of these characteristics, attractions, and amenities creates a one-of-a-kind community for its size and opportunities for every type of visitor to the area.

Laramie, named for French fur trapper Jacques La Ramée, owes much of its history to the Union Pacific Railroad. Originally a Hell-on-wheels style tent city in the 1860’s, Laramie is rich in western and railroad history. The city soon became a home to lawlessness, the Bucket of Blood saloon, and eventually housed the famous Butch Cassidy at the Territorial Prison. In 1869, Wyoming was organized as a territory and in 1870, the area recorded many firsts for women including the first woman to cast a vote, Louisa Swain.

Today, Laramie is home to the state’s only land grant university, the University of Wyoming, founded in 1886. The rich history of its past can be seen at every turn, from buildings to monuments and markers, but things have changed. The community is a budding hub of arts and culture with many locally owned restaurants, shops, breweries, and public art intertwined with historic buildings downtown. The abundance of outdoor recreation in the area, revered by residents and visitors alike, draws in travelers from all over the country and the globe. The Laramie area is now a growing spot for those looking for college town culture, outdoor recreation opportunities, a growing arts scene, and a rich western past blended together. 


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Debunking The Myths Of Laramie

Lore and mystery are part of the appeal of the West. Laramie started as a “Hell-on-Wheels” railroad town and quickly ascended with the founding of the University of Wyoming in 1886. However, there are plenty of myths that have...


Laramie is located in southeastern Wyoming, 50 miles from Cheyenne, 65 miles from Fort Collins, and just 134 miles from Denver International Airport. To get here from DIA, drive north before heading northwest on Hwy 287. This route takes you through Fort Collins. To get here from Cheyenne, drive west on Interstate 80 for 50 miles before descending into Laramie.


Downtown: 7,165'
Snowy Range Scenic Byway: 10,847'
Medicine Bow National Forest: 5,500' to 10,847'
Medicine Bow Peak in the Snowy Range Mountains: 12,018’
Happy Jack, Pole Mountain, Vedauwoo: 8,400’ to 9,040’

Geographic Setting

Laramie is situated on the high plains in southeastern Wyoming. The Laramie area is surrounded by forests and mountains in most directions with the Medicine Bow National Forest to the south, Snowy Range Mountains to the West, and Vedauwoo, Pole Mountain, and the Laramie Range to the east. Directly to the east of Laramie, you’ll also find Curt Gowdy State Park, famous for a wide variety of outdoor recreation opportunities.

The Laramie area also offers a number of lakes and streams famous for fly fishing, boating, and other forms of recreation. The Laramie River runs through town and sits adjacent to much of the Green Belt trail. Not far from Laramie, you’ll also find a handful of wildlife refuge areas, great for viewing wildlife.


Summer and fall are tough to beat in Laramie, Wyoming. The summers offer cool and dry weather with highs in the low 80s during the day and lows in the 40s overnight. Temperatures cool in the fall, creating perfect weather for viewing wildlife and viewing fall foliage. Winters can be cold with strong winds and whiteout blizzards at times. The Snowy Range Mountains to the west receive hundreds of inches of snowfall annually, making them an ideal playground for skiing and snowboarding at Snowy Range Ski Resort, snowmobiling at Albany Lodge, and many other popular winter activities.


Located 7 miles west of town, the Laramie Regional Airport makes getting in and out of Laramie by plane a breeze. The airport offers free parking when flying out as well as rental car service on site. The terminal was newly redesigned in 2021, creating a state of the art building and a welcoming and relaxing experience for travelers. Another option if traveling by air is Denver International Airport, located 134 miles south of Laramie. This is a popular option for travelers looking to visit Yellowstone or Grand Teton National Parks and rent a car for the road trip.

POPULATION (2019 Census)

City of Laramie: 32,381
Albany County: 38,880
University of Wyoming: 12,450


University of Wyoming: 2 miles east of downtown Laramie
War Memorial Stadium: 2 miles east of downtown Laramie on the corner of 22nd Street and Grand Avenue
Snowy Range Ski Area: 36 miles west of Laramie
Albany Lodge: 36 miles west/southwest of Laramie
Vedauwoo: 19 miles east of downtown Laramie
Ames Monument: 20 miles east of Laramie
Laramie Plains Museum: located on the corner of Ivinson Avenue and 6th Street near downtown Laramie
Wyoming Territorial Prison State Historic Site: located west of downtown Laramie on Snowy Range Road near the Interstate, if coming from the Interstate, take exit 313 and turn right
Curt Gowdy State Park: located 23 miles east of Laramie off of Hwy 210/Happy Jack Road
Snowy Range Scenic Byway: located 35 miles west of Laramie just after the town of Centennial on Hwy 130
Pilot Hill: located adjacent to Laramie with trail access beginning at the eastern end of Willett drive
Historic Downtown Laramie: the heart of our community with many locally owned shops, restaurants, and microbreweries, located downtown between 1st and 3rd Street along the railroad tracks

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