Dark Skies & Stargazing

One of the best things about living in Wyoming is the ability to reach out and touch the universe. In a world where dark skies are becoming harder and harder to find, views of the Milky Way are in high demand. Here in Wyoming, dark skies abound just outside any city's limits.

As you reach the outskirts of Laramie you'll find unmatched Milky Way vistas thanks to the thin atmosphere. At over 7,200 feet of elevation, less atmosphere means there is more starlight reaching the ground from above. We recommend Libby Flats Observation Point for views from the Snowy Range, and nothing beats a view of the stars from Lake Marie if you're taking a night drive in summer.

For real astronomy enthusiasts, the Wyoming Infrared Observatory offers free nighttime viewing tours for the public each October. It's not everywhere you can look through a telescope of this size through an eyepiece, and reach out into the universe to see a nebulae with your naked eye. In fact, it's the largest infrared telescope in the world open to the public to do so. Check with the Physics department on scheduling your tour.

For other astronomy enthusiasts, we strongly recommend touring the Harry C. Vaughan Planetarium. We keep upcoming Planetarium shows on our Events Page, but you can also reserve the planetarium for a private show that fits your travel dates.

Whether you're a casual observer, a photographer, or a real astronomy buff, the skies surrounding Laramie can bring you skyward views beyond your dreams. Don’t forget to look up.

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