Tom Horn Days Cowboy Rendezvous

August 16 - 18, 2024


Do you want to experience and learn more about the rich cowboy heritage of the American West? Join us at Tom Horn Days Cowboy Rendezvous for a celebration located right in the heart of the old cattle kingdom of the west. Tom Horn Days explores the fascinating history of the area and is located near the old Bosler, WY headquarters of the Iron Mountain Ranch Company where Tom Horn worked as a stock detective! There will be three days of action-packed events featuring concerts, pasture rodeo, camping, vendors, area history presentations from local historians, and more. Bring your family and friends for an unparalleled western summer vacation that has a real 1890s feel. The annual Tom Horn Days Cowboy Rendezvous promises authentic western culture and fun that you are not soon to forget!

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Living the West with Tom Horn Days 

Don't miss Tom Horn Days held August 16 - 18, 2024 in Bosler, Wyoming as rich cowboy history and western heritage are celebrated. There will be three incredible days featuring concerts, a ranch rodeo, pasture bronc riding, pasture team roping, muley roping, stray gathering, camping, vendors, Sunday morning cowboy church, area history presentations from local historians, and more. If you want a real 1890s feel and authentic celebration, join us!



Tom Horn Days is centered around three action-packed days of rodeo. And not the kind of rodeo you are used to, this is a pasture rodeo where no events are held in the usual controlled arena. Instead, rain or shine, cowboys take to the open prairie where both horses, steers, and cowboys can showcase their full range of motion and ability making this a truly spectacular event. 

The rodeo events include a ranch rodeo, pasture ranch bronc riding, pasture team roping, muley roping, and stray gathering. 


Family Fun

Step back in time to a day when kids played on the open prairie, letting their imaginations run wild. Tom Horn Days offers kids the opportunity to live out their western dream, whether it's a game of tag on the prairie, meeting cowboys and cowgirls, petting a horse, or playing with beautiful handmade toys from The Happy Toy Maker booth. Tom Horn Days strives to offer an event that promotes family.


Western Experience

Tom Horn Days is more than just a rodeo. Enjoy two nights of dancing in the pasture under the spacious Wyoming skies to some of the best up-and-coming bands around. Cowboy Church on Sunday morning, vendors, and making new friends are just some of the highlights of Tom Horn Days. When you come to Tom Horn Days, you aren't just an attendee, you become part of the Tom Horn Days family. 

The Thrill of the Wild West | The History of Tom Horn Days

Since 1874, when the Swan Brothers formed Swan Land and Cattle Company, and other big cattlemen such as Ora Haley, Bosler and Coble invested in vast tracts of rich Wyoming grasslands, cowboys have been on the job. Working day and night, they ride the rough string, pushing cows, and gathering, branding, and shipping. The rich heritage of the Laramie Plains around Bosler, WY is steeped in this history, including being the part time headquarters of stock detective Tom Horn. 

Who was Tom Horn? Born in Memphis, Missouri in 1860, Tom Horn left home at 14 years old to head west. He was an epitome of the Old West, working as an American scout and interpreter, cowboy, range detective, and Pinkerton agent. In southeastern Wyoming, his reputation only continued to grow as he hunted down lost cattle and prevented cattle rustlers from continuing their illicit dealings - sometimes through violent means. However, in 1902, he was arrested and hanged for the murder of Willie Nickell, the 14-year-old son of a southern Wyoming sheep farmer. To this day, Tom Horn continues to remain an enigma as there is controversy over whether he did in fact kill Willie. His story was even brought to the big screen by the 1980 Hollywood movie Tom Horn. In 1993, a group held a mock re-trial of Tom Horn and after much review of evidence, acquitted him of the murder. 

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