Mountain biking around Laramie, Wyoming: Albany County has hundreds of mountain bike trails, from easy to extreme, to choose from. Laramie has three bike shops and two outdoor shops that have knowledgeable bike enthusiasts to assist you in your summer outdoor adventures.


Happy Jack and Pole Mountain

Located about 14 minutes southeast of Laramie, the Happy Jack and Pole Mountain Trailheads provide access to a multi-use network of trails that will delight beginners and challenge even the most experienced rider. This area features miles of winding fire roads and steep single tracks, and the lucky cyclist may catch a glimpse of marmot, elk, or even moose.

The area is home to the Laramie Range Epic bike race, originating in 1998, and is now Laramie's premier cross country cycling event.

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Snow Biking


Located about 25 minutes southeast of Laramie along I-80, the area around the famous Vedauwoo rocks offers thrilling mountain biking among wild granite formations. The Turtle Rock Loop is a 3 mile bike roller coaster, while many other trails explore the rocky outcroppings. Bring a map and take your bearings frequently as this area contains many unmarked use trails.

Curt Gowdy State Park

Located about 30 minutes southeast of Laramie, Curt Gowdy State Park contains some of the most exciting mountain biking in Wyoming. The extensive single track system was designed specifically for mountain bikers, featuring log jumps, vertical drops, slab cruising, and meandering dirt paths. Trail information posted at almost every intersection allows you to choose your level of challenge. The slightly lower elevation means that Curt Gowdy State Park is snow-free earlier than either Vedauwoo or Happy Jack.

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Snowy Range Mountains

Located about 20 minutes west of Laramie, the Snowy Range offers a huge range of mountain biking terrain, from challenging single tracks to winding roads. Enjoy breathtaking alpine vistas and wildlife spotting as you cruise along, or get your heart pounding as you navigate steep descents and tricky water crossings. The Little Laramie, Corner Mountain, and Chimney Park Trails are also used for cross-country skiing in the winter and provide a relaxed experience for beginning riders.

Medicine Bow Non-Motorized Recreation Trail

Located about 45 minutes southwest of Laramie, Wyoming’s longest rail trail stretches about 25 miles from Albany, Wyoming to the Colorado border. Old train tracks have been converted into a hard-packed gravel hiking and biking trail that takes you past thundering rivers, towering forests, and placid lakes. Access is from Dry Park in the north, Pelton Creek in the south, or Vienna, Woods Creek, Lincoln Gulch, and Lake Owen en route.

Glendo State Park

Located about two hours northeast of Laramie, Glendo State Park is quickly becoming a mountain biking destination that rivals Curt Gowdy for varied terrain and exciting challenges. A concerted trail-building effort has created almost 50 miles of single track in the past decade. The low elevation means riders can enjoy Glendo earlier in the spring and later in the autumn than even Curt Gowdy State Park.

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Hundreds of biking trails, from gravel roads to challenging single tracks, make Albany County a wonderland for the two-wheeled explorer. Laramie boasts two bike shops staffed with knowledgeable locals eager to help you plan your next mountain biking excursion.

1). Q: Are there bike shops in Laramie?
A: Laramie has a couple highly rated bike shops that can service or repair your cycle and has new bikes for sale. Pedal House on 1st Street is a locals favorite with a good selection of gear and cycles. All Terrain Sports on Grand Avenue is a quality shop with excellent customer service and reasonable prices. 
2). Q: Where is the best biking near Laramie?
A: Pack your bike for adventure at some of the finest cycling locations in Wyoming. Many are only a short drive from Laramie. Happy Jack is 14 miles from Laramie and has a wonderful network of trails to ride that vary from easy to expert. Vedauwoo is about a half-hour drive from Laramie and offers wide open terrain with amazing boulders and other challenges to encounter. Curt Gowdy State Park has extensive log jumps, vertical drops, slab cruising and dirt paths to conquer. 
3). Q: What is the Laramie Greenbelt Trail?
A: The Laramie Greenbelt Trail is a family friendly biking experience that consists of 5.75 miles of full paved paths that follow the beautiful Laramie River. The path is ideal for cruisers, casual cycles and road bikes. While the trail is well-maintained, it feels like you’re off the beaten path. 
4). Q: What kinds of biking trails are at Happy Jack?
A: The biking trails at Happy Jack Trailhead feature miles of meandering fire roads and steep single tracks that are enjoyable for all abilities and ages. The multi-use network of trails often has wildlife along the way like chipmunks, elk and moose. The trailhead is about 14 minutes from downtown Laramie. 
5). Q: Is there biking at Vedauwoo?
A: There’s an excellent network of trails at Vedauwoo, and the Turtle Rock Loop is one of the most popular. The 3-mile loop rides like a roller coaster. There are other trails that take you through rocky outcroppings and offer a fun ride among the awesome granite formations. Vedauwoo is less than a half hour from Laramie along Interstate 80. 
6). Q: How far is Curt Gowdy State Park from Laramie?
A: About 30 miles. Curt Gowdy State Park is home to thrilling bike trails. The park is well marked with trail info at nearly every intersection, so it’s easy to craft your own journey through the terrain. The extensive single-track system is at a lower elevation than Happy Jack and Vedauwoo, so trails are more clear of snow and winter debris. There are lots of obstacles, like log jumps, and heart-stopping vertical drops to keep you on your toes. 
7). Q: Can I camp at Curt Gowdy State Park?
A: Curt Gowdy State Park covers nearly 3,400 acres of stunning Wyoming wilderness, and presents some of the best camping in the southern part of the state. The park has 159 campsites across 12 separate camping areas around Granite Reservoir. Ninety of the campsites are reservable, while the remaining 69 are first-come, first-served.
8). Q: Is there biking in the Snowy Range Mountains?
A: Strap in for breathtaking biking in the Snowy Range Mountains about 20 minutes west of downtown Laramie. From winding roads to tight single tracks, there’s a big variety here, with steep descents and precarious water crossings. Some of the trails are the same routes used by cross-country skiers during the winter - like Chimney Park, Corner Mountain and Little Laramie.
9). Q: Where is the Medicine Bow Recreation Trail?
A: The popular non-motorized trail is about 45 minutes southwest of Laramie. Train tracks used years ago have been made into a hard-packed gravel trail. Wyoming’s longest rail trail is approximately 25 miles in length, from Albany to the Colorado border. Along the route are beautiful rivers, pristine lakes and dense forests. 
10). Q: Does Glendo State Park have good bike trails?
A: About two hours from Laramie, Glendo State Park is gaining steam as a top mountain biking destination. The park has built more than 50 miles of new single track in recent years, with lots of varied terrain and engaging challenges. The park is lower in elevation than other biking spots in southern Wyoming, so you can hit the trails earlier and later in the season than most.
11). Q: Is there good snow biking in Laramie?
A: Fat biking is somewhat new, but it’s gaining steam fast during the snowy months. There are plenty of local single-track trails that are ideal for snow biking during the winter, and biking around town is fun, too. Laramie is a bike-friendly town with many dedicated bike lanes. Bike shops around town like Pedal House cater to the ever-increasing fat bike crowd and know the local trails well.
12). Q: Are there biking trails near Laramie that allow dogs?
A: There are a few spots around Laramie where you can get a ride in and spend time with your four-legged companion. Laramie Greenbelt Trail is 5.75 miles long and follows the Laramie River - and we all know how dogs love to play in the water! Leashes are required, but the off-leash dog park at Optimist Park makes up for that. At Vedauwoo, east of town, there are lots or trails, streams and ponds for your pooch to explore. The Turtle Rock Loop is a nice run that’s not too grueling and has a few wonderful places for a scenic picnic with Fido. 
13). Q: What are the names of the reservoirs at Curt Gowdy State Park?
A: There are three reservoirs at Curt Gowdy State Park: Crystal, Granite and North Crow. Granite and Crystal are known for their excellent trout and salmon fishing. There are approximately 35 miles of biking trails at the park, with differing landscapes and ample spots to catch a bird’s-eye view of the reservoirs. Biking trails are groomed in winter as well for fat-tire biking.
14). Q: Do I need a permit? 
A: You don’t need any special permits to bike the awesome trails at Vedauwoo, Curt Gowdy State Park, Glendo State Park, Happy Jacky, the Snowy Range Mountains or the Medicine Bow Recreational Rail Trail. The state only asks you to be respectful of the trails and try to leave them in better condition than you found them. 
15). Q: Who was Curt Gowdy?
A: A Wyoming native, Curtis Edward Gowdy was an American sportscaster and the longtime voice of the Boston Red Sox. He is credited with coining the nickname “The Granddaddy of Them All” for the Rose Bowl Game - a moniker he borrowed from his home state’s annual Cheyenne Frontier Days. His notable calls included Super Bowl III; the “Immaculate Reception” playoff game in 1972 between the Steelers and Raiders; and Hank Aaron’s 715th home run in 1974, which broke Babe Ruth’s legendary mark. The state park opened in 1971 and was officially named for Gowdy in 1972. During his lifetime, Gowdy was an outdoorsman and avid hunter and fisherman.