April 16 - 20, 2024


Come sample these tasty treats and create your own international food tour!

More than 25 downtown restaurants and businesses will be offering specials and events inspired by 40+ international students and community members from 40+ nations. Businesses work together with community members to come up with a unique menu item, many of which you cannot easily find in the US. Through collaborations, international flavors, and conversations, the Laramie International Flavor Festival celebrates diverse international residents and influences. 

Click here to plan out your food adventure. 

“Everybody has a story. Often, it’s foods that connect us to our heritage, memories, and traditions. What better place to start a conversation about heritage than at the table? Whether it’s schnitzel, frybread, dumplings, paella, biscotti, or rice and beans, the idea is to connect the Laramie community through the sharing of these stories and celebration of heritage,” says Laramie International Flavor Festival Co-Chair Ali Grossman.


2nd Street Deli - International Flavor FestSweet Melissa



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