Fall Road Trips Laramie Wyoming

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You might know Wyoming for its sweeping mountain views, fantastic open plains, and pristine snowy winters. But not everyone knows that those magnificent cloud scenes come with a little bit of weather depending on the season.

When visiting in the winter and spring, always expect that there may be some snow on the ground. Winds and blizzards can close roads even in spring, so be sure to pack your winter gear, including hats, gloves, boots, and layers. Luckily Laramie does not have much in the way of rain, and you can be pretty safe leaving an umbrella at home.

Summer in Laramie has some of the most mild, fantastic weather anywhere in the United States. We live for cool Laramie summers. Temperatures fluctuate between 40 degrees Fahrenheit at night up to the mid-80’s in the day, but usually never much higher. We recommend a light jacket for the evenings and your most comfortable casual wear for the day.

The sun at high altitude can pack a punch, so definitely bring the sunscreen when you visit no matter the season. There is a reason why cowboys wear a wide-brimmed Stetson to protect ears and necks.

Fall in Laramie is a season all its own. As the leaves fade to gold, red, and orange, we don our sweaters and head to University of Wyoming football games. In September packing some light fall attire is a good bet, however once October and November hit, the weather could be unseasonably warm just as easily as it might snow. So, come prepared for cold if you are planning to spend a few hours cheering on the Pokes in War Memorial Stadium. Hot cocoa is a fan favorite in November.

Now that you’re prepared for Laramie’s unpredictable seasons, dive in to learn more about fun activities to do during every season of the year in Laradise.