How To View Wildlife Safely

The Laramie area in southeastern Wyoming provides incredible wildlife viewing opportunities in every direction. The diverse terrain harbors moose, elk, bears, and wolverines, while the sky is filled with the trilling melodies of songbirds and raucous cries of geese. The Deerwood Wild Horse Sanctuary to our west offers viewing opportunities for wild horses, and the Hutton Lake National Wildlife Refuge to our southwest offers more opportunities to view rare migrating birds. And while the opportunities for viewing may be plentiful, we ask that you please be respectful and follow some simple rules below to keep wildlife wild and allow others to enjoy wildlife too.

1. Always Keep a Safe Distance

Many animals can move faster than you might think, so it’s important to respect their space. Always take photos from a distance, and never approach an animal. These are special creatures that deserve our respect.

2. Never Feed Wildlife

Never give an animal your food and always pack out your trash. Feeding animals destroys their natural instinct to forage or hunt for their own food, destroys their home, and can hurt their chances for survival. Let’s help keep wildlife wild.

3. Be ‘Bear Aware’

Wyoming’s high country is home to black bears. Many of these bears are scavengers who forage for berries and other foods. It is important to know the risks of hiking in bear country and how to handle seeing one for the first time in the wild. Click to see the Game & Fish tips for Bear Wise Wyoming.

4. Avoid the Selfie

Seeing wildlife for the first time can be a thrilling and exciting event. However, please refrain from getting close enough to take a selfie. You risk getting hurt by the animal if you get too close. Snap a picture from a distance to send to family and friends!

5. If You See a Baby Animal, Momma is Close By

Many animals in the Laramie area are highly protective of their young, from baby moose to baby bears and mountain lions. If you see a baby animal, slowly walk away and be careful – momma is probably close by and won’t take kindly to the threat.