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Gentleman get in line and hear from Laramie’s ladies of the night. In the late 1800’s, the saloons, dance halls and alleys of Laramie were packed with a cast of colorful women who entertained men for a living. Meet 5 of these women and hear about their lives.


Read more about the brothels on the Albany County Historical Society's website.

The “Old Laramie City Brothel” walking tour will emphasize how prostitution facilitated the economic growth and development of Laramie City. The tour will begin at the 1st Street Plaza, move east to Grand News Stand (the site of the Grover Institute—Christy Grover’s elaborate Victorian brothel), then move north along the front street architecture (specifically designed to facilitate retail businesses on the ground level, with the small side entrances, leading to staircases for brothels on the second floor level). The tour will end at Second Story Books for a good look at the original brothel rooms, now used in the bookstore. Social, cultural, and health issues surrounding the economics of prostitution will be discussed, as well as the tax revenue gleaned from the industry. Note: This tour is NOT appropriate for children 12 and under.

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