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Laramie, is an eclectic town comprised of an exciting combination of college-town vibrancy, Western history and lore, and epic outdoor adventure. There are so many activities and things to do in Laramie that the hardest part is going to be finding the time. Whether you’re stopping by for a University of Wyoming football game, spending the day shopping downtown, visiting one of the many renowned museums, or simply coming in for a taste of local culture and recreation, Laramie promises a plethora of activities and sights and will be a memorable getaway for all ages.

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If you find yourself in Wyoming to experience the heart of the West and its attractions, look no further than Laramie. Between the flagship University of Wyoming, Wyoming...

Outdoors & Recreation

Laramie, Wyoming offers sports and recreation enthusiasts an endless supply of things to do. If adventure is what you’re after, this area in and around Laramie...

Universities & Colleges

Laramie is a hub for higher education. Not only are we home of the University of Wyoming, the state's only four-year institute of higher learning, but also a...

Arts & Culture

Browse art galleries, studios and shops in and around Laramie, Wyoming.


There’s more to Wyoming than the Wild West. As far back as territorial days, while men were breaking laws women were making history.


Browse all the museums and historical points of interest found in and around Laramie, Wyoming.


As Wyoming's only college town, Laramie brings with it the reputation of having the best nightlife scene in Wyoming. Here you'll find live music and...


Home to dozens of locally-owned shops, Laramie is a hub for hand-crafted items, souvenirs, and more. Spend the day going for a stroll downtown to explore our shops and...

Scenic Drives

Nothing beats the wide open highways and winding mountain roads in Wyoming. Skip the Interstate and stay a while, with some of the most scenic drives in America right...

Self-Guided Tours

Laramie is home to several great Wyoming self-guided walking tours. The walking tours give a great overview of the extraordinary history and architecture of...

Local Activities