Rental Car Update

Rental Car Update

Rental vehicles may be in limited supply during the 2021 summer travel season. Please book early to make sure you will have a vehicle available. If a rental car is not available during your travel time, consider checking local car dealerships for round trip rentals.


Laramie is located in southeastern Wyoming, 50 miles from Cheyenne, 65 miles from Fort Collins, and just 134 miles from Denver International Airport. To get here from DIA, drive north before heading northwest on Hwy. 287. This route takes you through Fort Collins. To get here from Cheyenne, drive west on Interstate 80 for 50 miles before descending into Laramie.

Air Access

Located just west of town, the Laramie Regional Airport makes getting in and out of Laramie by plane a breeze. The airport offers free parking when flying out as well as rental car service on-site. The terminal was newly redesigned in 2021, creating a state-of-the-art building and a welcoming and relaxing experience for travelers.

Getting Around

During your visit to Laramie, there are a few options for transportation around town including renting a car, riding a bike, or using ride services like Uber and taxi service. The University of Wyoming also runs a free shuttle with limited hours that can be viewed here. For more transportation options, view the business listings below.