Event Submission Tutorial

Wondering how best to optimize your event to display on our community events calendar? Read the steps below to help make sure your event is seen by the most potential visitors and community members. We recommend submitting at least three weeks in advance for the best impact on your marketing, but the sooner the better. Submitting your event to Visit Laramie helps it populate to Google, helps our visitors plan their trips around what is happening to extend their stay, and helps attendees find the dates, times, and details of your event. Reach out to us to help connect you with potential sponsors, volunteers, and marketing support at 307-745-4195, events[at]visitlaramie.org, or with our Contact Page.

Follow the steps below to submit your event. We look forward to helping increase your turnout!


Step 1.

Review our event submission guidelines to ensure that your event has a good chance of being accepted. 


Step 2.  


The above contact information and comments are only shared with our Event Coordinator and will not appear on the website or event calendar. The comments section is a great place to share any other information that you would like the person who reviews your submitted event to know.  


Step 3. 



Step 4.



Step 5:  



Step 6:

Upload Image: If you do not have any non-blurry images that would work, you may use the logo of the business putting on the event.   


Step 7.1: Event Dates

EventSubmissionTutorial6This shows an example of a multi-day event that occurs every day from 5/23/2022 to 5/27/2022.  


Step 7.2: Event Dates 


This shows an example of a multi-day event that occurs every Thursday between the selected start and end date. This option would make sense to select for a weekly market, concert, etc. that occurs on the same week/weekend day for several weeks.  


Step 7.3: Event Dates 

EventSubmissionTutorial8This shows an example of a multi-day event that occurs on the 2nd Monday of every 3 months between the selected start and end dates.   


Step 7.4: Event Dates 

EventSubmissionTutorial9This shows an example of a multi-day event that occurs on 5/23/2022, 6/09/2022, and once the “add date” button is clicked, 6/25/2022. Even if you have added the event’s start date above, make sure you re-add the first event date under “Add Custom Date(s)”, or it will not show up. You can add as many custom dates as you would like.  


Now that you are well-versed in event submission, click here to return to the event submission form.