Help Us Inform Centennial Visitors

Here at the Albany County Tourism Board, not only is our goal to bring visitors to the area, but to inform those visitors so they are responsible stewards of the resources in our county. That includes our community resources, like the time and energy of our business owners and citizens.

As such, we are building a Frequently Asked Questions page for Centennial valley visitors. Providing those questions in Q&A format helps Google answer common questions so that travelers can be informed, make the most of their experience, and also know what they're getting into when first-timers arrive at the base of a range that tops 12,000 feet!


Some example questions:

  • When does the Byway open?
  • Where is the ski area?
  • Where is Mirror Lake?
  • Where do I park?
  • Where can I get water?
  • Who sells fishing licenses?
  • Is it really going to snow up there in July?


We are sure there are hundreds more, so we want to ask you, the Centennial valley, to help us reduce the Q&As coming through the doors each day.

Please submit your most common questions (and answers if you have them) to the box below:


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