Thousands of great towns can be found in the American West—ones that exemplify the spirit and dedication of the pioneers who built and developed them. But 10 of them stand out—and these are the True Western Towns of 2021, according to True West Magazine’s February/March 2021 issue, out on newsstands on February 16, 2021.

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"Laramie was a Wild West boomtown when the Union Pacific Railroad builders arrived in the spring of 1868 in what would become Wyoming. It got wilder from there before settling down. The modern-day town remembers those times in many ways.

That is one reason Laramie is #4 among True West Magazine’s 2021 Top Western Towns. They will be featured in the February/March 2021 issue, hitting newsstands on February 16, 2021. Prescott, Arizona, took the top spot.

Laramie embraces its rowdy Western roots and its role in the construction of the transcontinental railroad. The Laramie Railroad Depot, built in 1924, replaced the original Union Pacific depot lost in a 1917 fire. It’s a museum now. Visit the nearby Ames Monument, a 60-foot pyramid that commemorates the railroad ghost town of Sherman and the Ames brothers who were Union Pacific financiers. In 1872, Wyoming opened its Territorial Prison in Laramie. Visitors can tour the imposing stone building to see what life was like for prisoners including Butch Cassidy. The town’s Cowboy Saloon & Dance Hall and Buckhorn Bar are popular for late-night Laramie. Since 1940, Laramie has celebrated Jubilee Days to commemorate the anniversary of Wyoming statehood on July 10, 1890.

“Laramie is a quintessential Old West town,” says True West Executive Editor Bob Boze Bell. “But it’s more than just a place from the past. The local folks have done a great job of presenting the town to the world, not only in buildings but in events. There’s no question: Laramie is a Top True Western Town.”

This is the 16th year True West has presented this annual award. Editors base their selection on criteria demonstrating how each town has preserved its history through old buildings, museums and other institutions, events, and promotions of historic resources.

True West magazine is in its 68th year of leading the way in presenting the true stories of Old West adventure, history, culture and preservation. For subscriptions and more information, visit or call 480-820-5545."

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