Laradise Lane

Welcome to Laradise Lane, a public green space and collaborative effort between the City of Laramie, City of Laramie Parks & Recreation, Laramie Mainstreet Alliance, and Laramie Public Art Coalition. We invite you to kick back, relax, and enjoy a little of the summer sun we love so much here in "Laradise." So grab a bite of takeout from a local restaurant, sit down with a brew during Open Container hours, and discover the shops and boutiques that make our downtown so vibrant.

Special thanks to the local businesses who contributed time, financial support, and materials, including Paul Etchepare Trust, Laramie Vision Clinic, Undercover Bed & Spas, Motive Coffee Co., and Metrohm Raman.

2022 Downtown Laramie Open Container District Hours: Daily, 11am - 9pm
Alcoholic beverages may be purchased from a retail liquor license holder, microbrewery, or winery in the permit downtown area through October 29th, 2022 between the hours of 11am - 9pm.

  • All purchases/service of alcohol must occur within the licensed premises.
  • Drinks must be served in plastic cups or aluminum cans.
  • Open containers of alcohol are not permitted in vehicles or in alleyways.
  • Please trash all containers and keep Laradise a Paradise.
  • Retailers can choose to allow, or not allow, beverages inside their storefronts (watch for signage).


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