Downtown Laramie

Welcome to downtown Laramie! Watch live as our historic downtown district bustles with activity. You are viewing the corner of 2nd Street and Ivinson Avenue. Union Pacific railroad cars rumble by to the west, along the historic transcontinental railroad route. Down Ivinson you will see restaurants and retail shops, along with the historic Buckhorn Bar, the oldest bar in Laramie.

Directly pictured is the "Midwest Block" Building. During the spring of 1868, this was the site of the “Big Tent”, a gambling and saloon hall which moved from each end-of-tracks town to the next, as the railroad was constructed. This building was built in the 1870s. It was remodeled around the turn of the century to include the words “Miller Block” in the cornice; later updates produced the current façade, which reads “Midwest Block”.

Click the image below to view the livestream.


Welcome to Laramie! Whether you’re looking to see what’s going on downtown, view our historic railroad, or check out the ski weather, you’ll find your webcams here. View current road conditions on I-80 or see how things are looking out in the county for your outdoor recreation adventures. If current road conditions concern you, be sure to check out Laramie’s hotels and lodging accommodations. When planning a visit, use our where to dinethings to do, or our blogs for the best planning resources available. That way when you're here you can make the most of our favorite things to see and do in the Laramie area.


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