By Rebecca Walsh, founder and blogger for Hike Like a Woman


Hunting season is here and we’re answering the question, can hikers and hunters co-exist? We think they can and that they should. Here are our top tips for hiking safety during hunting season. Big game hunting season starts as early as August for archery season, and runs through November and as late as December.


What to Know


1. Know where to go.

A phone call to the Game & Fish or google search can tell you hunting season dates, where hunting is allowed, when to expect to see hunters and give you tips on where to hike safely.


fall hiking

2. Know what to wear.


In Wyoming, hunters are required to wear one fluorescent orange garment. This safety requirement makes them highly noticeable to other hunters in the area. Hikers and other trail users aren’t required to wear brightly colored clothing, but it’s a good time to leave the earth-toned clothing in the closet and break out an orange vest or hat. Don’t forget to use a neon vest, collar or leash to make your dog visible too.


3. Be loud but respectful of other trail users.

Talking, singing, whistling or packing noisy kids up a mountain will alert hunters to your presence. Hunters and wildlife prefer to be away from noisy trails, so make your presence known. If you do hear shooting, give a little holler to let hunters know that you are in the area.


4. Hike during the day.

Avoid hiking during certain times of the day when hunters are most likely to be hunting. This will vary on location, but it’s a safe bet to try to avoid hiking during dawn and dusk when visibility is reduced and wildlife is active.


5. Stick to popular and well-used trails.

Hunters typically look for game away from well-established trail networks. If you’re uncomfortable with hunters, hunting season is a great time to visit a state park, like Curt Gowdy State Park which doesn’t allow hunting.


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