Photographing a great sunset is one of those “happy to be alive” moments for me. Fortunately, Laramie dishes up a horizon-to-horizon sunset nearly every night during the summer. Most any location in Laramie offers quality sunset gazing, but finding that perfect spot takes some local expertise.


My take? I can’t choose one “best” place as there are many, but I will share my favorite in-town location and my favorite out-of-town location. Then, you’ll get to hear from other Laramie locals about their favorite spots!


Best Wyoming sunsetLaramie Green Belt BHP Imaging Brian Harrington Laramie Green Belt Trail System



Because the location also offers the opportunity for a peaceful evening walk, one of my top spots for watching the sunset is right along the Laramie River on the Green Belt Trail system. Watching the sunset through the willows and 100-year-old cottonwood trees as the water meanders along is incredibly relaxing. The location also earns points for convenience given that the trail system is located in town.




Right off the Snowy Range Scenic Byway (WY 130), Mirror Lake in the Snowy Range Mountains is a superb sunset (and sunrise) location. As the sun sets, the wind often dies down, and the lake settles into a reflective pool of beauty that is well-deserving of its name. The lake reflects not only the peaks but also the vibrant colors of the clouds. You can walk the paved trail from Mirror Lake to Lake Marie for an easy evening stroll under blazing sky or choose one of the several other hiking trails nearby for a more remote view. 


Wyoming sunset photography Medicine Bow Peak Lake Marie Sunset BHP Imaging Lake Marie on the Snowy Range Scenic Byway


Below, check out these other great suggestions for sunset-gazing, brought to you by our very own Laramigos.



Laramie's Favorite Places to Catch the Sunset


Vedauwoo moon sunset photo in Wyoming Sunset in Vedauwoo

"My favorite place to watch the sunset is at Vedauwoo. There are few distractions, just the sounds of nature and the clear blue sky as the sun goes down." - Joe Shumway - Mayor of Laramie


"One of my favorites is a classic Laramie, Wyoming sunset from the old Union Pacific footbridge downtown over the railroad tracks. It's iconic for most in Laramie, and offers great views to the west of the Snowies and cool silhouette photo ops. Follow it up by heading downtown for dinner or a drink at a local place." - Scott Larson - Visit Laramie Director


"The perfect sunset can be found at the end of the upper end of the Canyons Trail in Curt Gowdy state park. The best part is after the sun goes down, you have an amazing night ride back down to the trail head." - Dewey Gallegos - Owner of the Pedal House


"I love watching the sunset from the high prairie out in the Schoolyard, you can see the whole valley below you. I also love watching it on the drive between Fort Collins and Laramie, you can see the colors change over the mountains and the prairie light up at the golden hour." - Meg Thompson-Statton - Laramie Artist



Visit Laramie Union Pacific Railroad Bridge Sunset Downtown Laramie's Union Pacific Railroad Bridge

"I love the footbridge for any sky viewing, sunsets, rainbows, and epic Wyoming clouds. The lookout of cardiac-bypass on the Tie-City Trailhead system is also great."

Lindsay Olson - Owner of Atmosphere Mountain Works.


"I love catching a sunset from the Jacoby Ridge Trail. You get treated views of Pilot Hill, Jelm Mountain, Snowy Range, the golf course, and the town below." - Kaley Holyfield - Laramie Local


"I can confess that the favorite place to both watch the sunset and do a little necking was at the end of 703 G RD up on Pole Mountain... the view of the sunset over the Medicine Bow Peak, with the view of the Laramie River winding through town and the lights of Laramie coming on was magical - and really made me proud to live in the Gem City." - Sarah Brown Mathews - Laramie, Wyoming Local


"Up in the Snowies, the best way to end the day is that little turnout spot at the Miner's Cabin Trailhead. Where the United flight memorial rock is at. The Libby Flats observation spot is well known but that view from the turnout gives such a great panoramic view of Med Bow. And it’s up higher than the lakes so you get light longer. Plus, you don’t have to leave your car if it’s too cold or windy!" - Kyle Spradley - Laramie Professional Photographer


"My favorite spot to watch the sunset is from the highest point of the Jacoby Ridge Trail on the East side of the Jacoby Golf Course. Bring a blanket and your favorite hot drink and take a look West. It’s also my favorite spot to watch the 4th of July Fireworks with my little family." - Britt Thompson - Laramie Local


"Listening to the waves of Lake Hattie while watching the sunset is the perfect way to end a day!" - Audrey Jansen - Laramie Local


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Note: Brian and Dani Harrington are independent writers contracted by Visit Laramie. Views and opinions expressed here are their own and do not reflect those of the Albany County Tourism Board.