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As winter blankets Wyoming in a serene layer of snow and the cold wind blows across the plains, there's an undeniable charm in the crisp air and the beauty of frosted landscapes. However, for many, the winter season also brings with it a common foe – cabin fever. The chilly temperatures and shorter days can leave us feeling cooped up and restless indoors. But fear not, as this blog is your go-to guide for breaking free from the winter blues and making the most of this season. Join us on a journey of discovery as we explore a myriad of activities, from cozy indoor escapades to adventurous outdoor exploring. 



colorful water equipment in pool

Laramie Recreation Center

Visiting the Laramie Recreation Center in Wyoming is an invigorating experience that seamlessly combines fitness and community engagement. The fitness center is decked out with modern gear for your workout, and the indoor pool is a great spot for a swim or water aerobics. Families can hit the gym for physical fitness, and there are different spaces for various sports including full-sized gymnasiums, 8-lane lap pool, lazy river, hot tub, and sauna. It's not just about staying fit here; the center is a social hub where locals connect and take fitness classes. Whether you're into serious workouts or just having fun with family, the Laramie Recreation Center keeps things down-to-earth while promoting a healthy lifestyle and community spirit.



people iceskating indoor ice rink

Laramie Ice Center

Make sure to stop by the Laramie Ice Center for some fun family time on the ice. This facility offers lessons from beginner to advanced if you are keen to learn a new winter activity. On weekends there is an open public skate and on weekdays there is a half-price public skate. Also, keep an eye on their schedule to watch UW hockey games. 


boy climbing wall at gym

Leap Ninja Warrior Gym

Leap is the perfect place to take the family after you have been stuck inside because of miserable weather. No other place in town is going to wear your kids out like here. The gym is set up for a lot of open play and roaming. The courses here will challenge your strength and endurance.



two children inside tea shop yellow and orange building downtown

Downtown Laramie

Escape the winter chill by visiting downtown Laramie, Wyoming. The historic charm of the downtown area adds to the appeal of getting outside during the coldest of days.  Locals and visitors alike can explore cozy cafes and inviting shops, offering a welcome escape from the confines of home. There's nothing like a warm and cozy meal to make you feel good on a cold day. So be sure to try one of the many coffee shops and restaurants the downtown has to offer. 


dinosaur fossils in museum


Museums in Laramie can be a great way to get the kids out of the house and spark their curiosity. The Geology Museum on the University of Wyoming Campus has many full-scale dinosaur and early mammal fossils. Also, be sure to check their events because during the year they host fun family activities such as The Fossil Fish Festival. This festival was free and open to the public and included preparing your own fish fossil and a scavenger hunt. Another family-friendly museum in town is the University of Wyoming Art Museum. The museum has over 9,000 art pieces including paintings, sculptures, and artifacts from all over the world. Right now they are hosting weekly art classes for 3-6 year olds and their caregivers. 



Outdoor activities

woman skiing in forest

Cross country skiing

While there are plenty of places to cross-country ski in the area, the Laramie fan favorites are the trails at Tie City. This is a network of trails less than 10 miles from Laramie that is maintained by the Medicine Bow Nordic Association.  At the trailhead, you will find a warming hut with trail map information. The trails are maintained daily by MBNA and they even offer beginner classes in January and February. Make sure to bring your yearly parking pass or buy a daily pass in the parking area. If you are looking to start cross-country skiing you can rent skis at Basecamp in downtown Laramie or if you are a student/faculty you can rent skis from the University of Wyoming outdoor program. 


two people sledding down hill in forest

Sledding at Happy Jack

Where do the locals go sledding? Well, when the sun is shining and there's fresh snow on the ground there is no better place near Laramie than the hill at Happy Jack Recreation Area. About 15 minutes east of town you can find the Happy Jack Recreation area off of Happy Jack Road, Hwy 210.  Make sure you have on your snow tires to go down this road though, because it is both steep and icy in winter. 


Ski Family Snowy Range

Downhill Skiing at Snowy Range 

Only 45 minutes from town is a wonderful ski area located in scenic Medicine Bow National Forest. Whether you are a beginner or advanced skier, you are going to love this mountain. They offer classes for ages 5 and up to help you feel comfortable and give you the knowledge you need to enjoy your experience. You are guaranteed amazing powder and beautiful views on your trip to the Snowy Range Ski Area. 


ice fishing

Ice Fishing

If you feel like you can't wait for summer to get a fish on the line, you could try ice fishing on the Plains Lakes. Just west of town off of  hwy 130 or 230 you can find 5 of the Plains Lakes and Reservoirs. The lakes usually freeze between December and January depending on the weather. The Plains Lakes are home to many types of trout, Kokanee Salmon, and Yellow Perch. It is free to visit the Plains Lakes but you do need a Wyoming fishing permit anytime you fish in Wyoming waters. 

From the heart-pounding excitement at Laramie's indoor gyms to Downtown's historic charm and inviting cafes, there's a myriad of ways to break free from winter cabin fever. Winter in Wyoming is a canvas for exploration, and as we bid farewell to this guide, may your winter be filled with warmth, excitement, and unforgettable experiences.