In the vast expanse of Wyoming, adventure takes on a whole new meaning when experienced as a family. As the New Year dawns, it's time to ignite the spirit of exploration within your loved ones and craft a family bucket list destined to create lasting memories. From scaling majestic peaks to chasing the Northern Lights, Wyoming beckons with the promise to make your heart race and your spirit soar. So, saddle up and join me on a journey through the wild wonders of Wyoming as we craft an exhilarating blueprint for the ultimate bucket list escapade!


Summit a Mountain

Whether you have your eye on Medicine Bow or Laramie Peak, this is the year to summit a mountain in Wyoming. A great place to start is the Medicine Bow Peak. There are several trails to take to the top, the shortest starting from Sugarloaf Recreation Area. This trail is 3.4 miles round trip with an elevation gain of 1272 ft. It is considered a difficult hike with the peak topping out at 12, 018 ft. Laramie Peak is 10,275 ft in elevation and the highest peak in the Laramie Range. The Laramie Peak trail starts at the Friend Park campground and rises over 2,700 feet in elevation. The entire trek is close to 10 miles and will take the greater part of a day to accomplish. There is known wildlife in the area so make sure to bring bear spray and proper protection. 

               Mountain Peaks on blue sky with blue lakes below


Northern Lights

 It is said that in the next couple of years, the Northern Lights will be more active than ever. This strong solar activity could bring brighter light displays farther south than ever before. Meaning you won’t have to travel outside of your own state to see this light phenomenon. To track when these solar storms flare, download an Aurora tracker app on your phone. The app will send you notifications when the aurora is going to be in your area. The best way to enjoy the Northern lights is to drive to a dark area, face your car north, and wait with a hot cup of cocoa until you are able to see the twinkling lights. 

               Purple and green northern lights over rocks


Go swimming in an Alpine Lake

If you are looking for a thrilling challenge this year, try taking a swim in an Alpine Lake. Alpine lakes are known for their stunning beauty and frigid temperatures. It is an experience you will never forget. There are some important safety measures you need to take before trying such a challenge. The temperature of the lake can cause shock so make sure you are a strong swimmer and are able to get to shore quickly. You also need to make sure the lake you have your eye on is open to swimming. Not all lakes are for swimming so read the signs and information before you dip a toe. 

Alpine Lake snowy mountain behind


Pick up a new outdoor hobby

New Year always brings ideas of starting new activities and new resolutions. Wyoming is the perfect place to start a new outdoor hobby because of the variety of landscapes and seasons. During winter you could try snowmobiling or skiing down the slopes, or even ice fishing. In summer, try the many mountain bike trails around the state. Our favorites in Laramie are The Schoolyard and Happy Jack. Watersports are another great option for new hobbies in Wyoming. There are many large pristine lakes to paddleboard, kayak, and fish on. 

ice fishing mountain biker on red dirt and snow woman and boy on paddle board on lake


Catch a Master Angler Fish 

For some members of our family, catching a fish is the only thing on the brain most days. Catching a fish is one thing, but catching a fish that is considered a Master Angler fish is quite another. This accomplishment is reserved for only the biggest baddest fish in the water. Check out the Wyoming Game and Fish website for more info on the requirements for each species found in Wyoming. If you catch 5 of any qualifying species you can become a “Trophy Angler” and 10 of any species is an “Ultimate Angler”


boy holding big trout

Master Angler Brown Trout from Laramie River


Take a backpacking trip

If you want to take camping to the next level, why not try a backpacking trip? Wyoming is known for its immense backcountry beauty and a great way to see it would be a backpacking trip. Locally the Snowy Mountain Range is perfect for kids and first-timers. You won't have to hike far to find beautiful scenery and places to camp. Just always remember the Leave No Trace principles and show your Cowboy Character to help protect and preserve the land. 

camping under starry sky boy looking out tent to mountains


Visit Historical Landmarks and Museums

Wyoming is filled with important historical landmarks and museums. From the Wyoming Territorial Museum to the Buffalo Bill Center in Cody there is so much to see and learn about our state. In Laramie, we have the UWYO art museum, the Laramie Plains Museum, the Wyoming Woman’s History House, the Laramie Railroad Depot, the Geological Museum, and the American Heritage Center just to name a few. 

brick  and wooden building large mansion grey and brown cone shaped building



What activities are you putting on your Wyoming travel bucket list?