Laramie, Wyoming offers a variety of arts and culture waiting to be explored. From its historic sites to its vibrant arts scene, this charming city invites visitors to immerse themselves in its cultural heritage. Whether you're strolling through the downtown murals or attending a performance at the University, Laramie's arts and culture scene offers a glimpse into the soul of the American West. Here are some delightful ways to immerse your family in the arts and culture of Laramie:



Visit the University of Wyoming Art Museum

Start your cultural journey at the University of Wyoming Art Museum, where you can explore various collections of artworks spanning various periods and styles. The museum offers engaging exhibitions and educational programs designed to inspire creativity and appreciation for the arts among visitors of all ages. The museum has over 9,000 art pieces including paintings, sculptures, and artifacts from all over the world. Don't miss the opportunity to participate in family-friendly art activities and workshops offered by the museum. Be sure to check their website for up-to-date activities and events.

art pieces displayed on wall and cases colorful and bold art displayed on walls



Buchanan Center for the Performing Arts, University of Wyoming

The Buchanan Center for the Performing Arts is home to several performance venues, including the Fine Arts Concert Hall and the Studio Theatre. These venues host a variety of performances, including plays, musicals, orchestral concerts, and dance performances. The Center hosts both local talent from the University performing arts and music program and professional touring shows and artists from around the country. Every year the music department produces dozens of concerts with performances from the orchestra, jazz ensembles, wind symphony, choir, and UW symphonic and community band. The Buchanan Center also houses the University of Wyoming Department of Theatre and Dance, providing students with opportunities to participate in productions including plays, musicals, and dance performances in ballet and modern. One of the best parts about this local venue is it is affordable for the whole family to enjoy the arts in Laramie. 

many ballet dancers on stage 10 trumpet players performing onstage


Attend a Performance at the Gryphon Theatre

Experience the magic of live performance at the Gryphon Theatre, a historic venue in downtown Laramie. From theatrical productions to musical performances, the Gryphon Theatre hosts a variety of events that are sure to captivate and entertain the whole family. Check the theatre's schedule for upcoming shows suitable for children and adults alike.


Explore the Laramie Mural Project

Take a stroll through downtown Laramie to discover the vibrant murals that adorn the city's buildings. The Laramie Mural Project, started in 2011, showcases the work of local and visiting artists. Each mural tells a unique story that reflects the culture and history of Laramie. Grab a map of the mural locations and embark on a self-guided tour to admire these impressive works of art. 

large colorful fish painted on wall


Discover Local History at the Wyoming Territorial Prison State Historic Site

Step back in time at the Wyoming Territorial Prison State Historic Site, where you can explore the fascinating history of Wyoming's early days. Established in 1872, it served as a federal penitentiary and housed notorious outlaws like Butch Cassidy. Today, the museum showcases exhibits detailing the lives of the inmates, the history of the prison, and the development of law enforcement in the region. Visitors can explore the restored prison cells, view historical artifacts, and learn about the harsh realities of frontier justice in the American West. This a memorable and educational experience for the whole family. 

large brick building next to small white house

Cultural Events and Festivals

Experience the local flavors and crafts of Laramie at the Farmers' Market, held regularly during the warmer months. Sample delicious local produce, artisanal foods, and handmade crafts while enjoying live music and entertainment. The Farmers' Market is a great place to immerse yourself in the local culture and support local artisans and producers. 

Laramie hosts an International Flavor Festival every year to celebrate the international influence in the community. There are many events to participate in during the five-day festival including live music and dancing, poetry readings, trivia and games.  Restaurants all over Laramie offer special menus for the event. This year the festival is April 16th through the 20th. 

Laramie Jubilee Days, held annually in Laramie, Wyoming, is a celebration of the city's heritage and culture, featuring a variety of arts and cultural events. The festival typically includes a parade, rodeo events, live music performances, art exhibits, craft fairs, and other activities. The event provides a platform for local artists, musicians, and craftsmen to showcase their talents and creations. Visitors can explore the arts in Laramie through exhibits, demonstrations, and interactive activities. The festival also offers a taste of Wyoming's rich cultural history, with opportunities to learn about the region's cowboy heritage and pioneer roots.

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